Lexiv, The Word City Builder
Review Roundup

Lexiv has been getting some great reviews in weeks following its release! Take a look at a few of them here:

"I really can’t sing the praises of Lexiv enough, the game offers hours upon hours of deeply cerebral fun. It’s RPG-style player levelling gives you more than enough of a reason to come back time and time again and the game, whilst taxing, is never a chore. The satisfaction of beating a level in Lexiv is rewarding in the classic sense as well as giving you the vague feeling that you learnt something." -- The Indie Game Magazine, 90%

"I’ve been hard on Lexiv, so I should probably make it more clear that I really, really liked this game. It’s so original, yet such an obvious evolutionary step for the game of Scrabble that I’m actually surprised nothing like it has come along." -- Indie Gamer Chick

"Honestly, I love this game, I love it a lot." -- XNA Roundup

"Lexiv is 3 games in one. It’s Scrabble, first and foremost, even the quickest glance at the screenshots peppering this page will tell you that. Lexiv is also Sim City and Tower Defense, and rather than simply being a gimmick it actually pulls off being all 3 at once with a startling display of elegance. And this is from a guy who is quite possibly the worst scrabbler ever." -- XboxHornet

World 4 Screenshots

Check out these screenshots of World 4 -- Beneath the Waves! Lexiv's final chapter challenges you to build vast cities on the ocean floor.

Find them in the gallery.

Quick Play on Insane

Take a high speed look through a Quick Play mission on Insane difficulty (with invaders and unhappiness turned on)!

Watch the video here.

Developer Walkthrough Posted

Take a guided look through an advanced mission in the developer walkthrough! This narrated video will show off how Lexiv's gameplay deepens as you progress through the campaign.

Check it out here.

Lexiv Launches on XBLIG

Lexiv has now officially launched on Xbox Live Indie Games for 240 Microsoft Points!

Click here to download a free trial, which will be waiting for you the next time you turn on your Xbox 360.

Lexiv features an innovative design that blends city building and word game mechanics into an exciting strategic experience. Play through an expansive 10+ hour campaign, and grow your city into a thriving metropolis.

To obtain a review code, send a request to [email protected].

dream.build.play 2011

Lexiv has been selected as a semi-finalist in Microsoft's Dream.Build.Play 2011 competition. This yearly $75,000 competition aims to recognize the best game made with XNA, so it's fantastic to see Lexiv being considered for one of the top spots!

DIYGamer has a great roundup of the semi-finalists here.

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